Sadie Thibodeaux

Photography + Design


The entirety of my product photography lives under the umbrella of Miller's Professional Imaging, Inc. and represents three brands: Miller's, Mpix, and MpixPro. Miller's is solely for professional photographers, offering a range of marketing materials alongside quality photographic products. MpixPro is for those who might have a business, but don't find themselves needing the vast variety Miller's offers. Mpix is a consumer brand, offering a wide variety of print options, photo books, templated greeting cards, and photography gifts.

All three brands are created with, and maintain very specific branding. It is my job to meet with the Art Director and discuss whatever project is at hand and how we might want the styling to be. I then execute the idea, edit the imagery, and present it to the AD who then finishes the project.

Imagery I have created for each brand is utilized in a number of ways ranging from email blast imagery, homepage banners, product page slideshows, national print advertisements, social media platforms, etc. The following slideshows are representations of this imagery.

As a good portion of my product imagery resides on the Miller's and Mpix websites, please visit the corresponding links for more examples of my photography.

Miller's Professional Imaging  ||

Imagery on the website: Homepage slideshow, various product pages, and the Sports & Events products + slideshows

Mpix  ||

Imagery on the website: Homepage slideshow and product boxes, all product landing page banners and product grids, most product slideshows

MPixPro  ||