Sadie Thibodeaux

Photography + Design

I was born and raised in a small, family photography business in Alexandria, Louisiana. Thibodeaux Photography.

Growing up with creative parents, it was no surprise I wanted to pursue an education in art. While I started out with Graphic Design in mind, I ended up pursuing photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design...that whole apple doesn't fall far thing.

After graduating, I knew I wanted to work in a photography lab. What better place to work than the very lab my parents used for Thibodeaux Photography's work. I packed up my things and moved up to Columbia, MO and have spent a total of 10 years working at Miller's Professional Imaging. The first eight of those 10 were spent as a Digital Color Technician, color balancing imagery before sending it to a printer, and working in various other production departments.

I enjoyed my work, yet I was craving a creative outlet. I do not believe a true artist's eye is limited to their education, so I took my leave from Miller's for a two-year experience at MayeCreate Design, a local web/graphic design boutique in Columbia. It was here I learned my love graphic design work; it was here I was able to expand my knowledge (and hidden love?) of web programming.

The Miller's, Inc. company is quite large, incorporating three separate brands: Miller's, Mpix, and MPixPro. In 2015, it became known to me the Miller's Marketing team was in need of a Staff Photographer, someone to shoot products for magazine ads, email promotions, and website imagery...for all three brands. Commercial photography has been my goal since graduating. I jumped at the occasion. I've photographed countless products, edited hundreds of images, and have gained valuable knowledge regarding marketing and branding. I value my experience at Miller's immensely, but I feel the winds are changing...